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Vital Silver Repair

$14.95 / month
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Demo Product


DBR – Define|Build|Repair (30 Servings)


DBR – Define|Build|Repair (15 Servings)


CTR [Connective Tissue Repair] (15 Servings)


CTR [Connective Tissue Repair] (30 Servings)


VFV – Vital Fruits & Vegetables (60 Servings)


VFV – Vital Fruits & Vegetables (30 Single Servings)


Complete Digestive Enzymes


Vital D


What People Are Saying?

A simple product to achieve life changing results.  The energy I have when I use the VitalBody products has been phenomenal, not a caffeine rush or sugar high just natural energy.  It has provided nutrients to my compromised digestive track and immune system that I cannot get any other way.

Charlotte, Bariatric Patient

My family doesn’t get sick since taking the VitalBody products on a consistent basis. We went from my kids being sick at least once a month to not missing any days of school due to illness. As a single dad of two young men, it is really important to be healthy. VitalBody products have given me the confidence to trust whole foods as a solution.

Michael, Full Time Single Dad

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