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Partner Program Details

VitalBody is looking for micro-influencers. We are seeking individuals who post regularly (at least 4 posts per month) about industry-related content. We are looking for people who embody our industry - whether that is fitness, the outdoors, or sports.

As a “Partner” you have the opportunity to earn commissions with Vitalbody! We will pay you 20% commissions to anyone you ‘refer’ that purchases our products. We automatically assign you a Coupon Code that you can distribute to friends and family. When someone purchases using your coupon code, you will earn 20% of whatever they purchased.

Our “Partners” will also enjoy 30% off of all products for their own use. When you are approved as a Partner, your pricing will reflect the lower price in our store.

We are committed to making this an amazing and rewarding experience. We appreciate your support and desire to represent VitalBody! Let’s do this!!